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Three things are infinite: the universe, the human stupidity and the WinRAR trials period.
Albert Einstein
I am born in Rome in the far 1981, in a very hot day, since i was a child i develop a ravenous interest in technology pushing my mother to buy me every kind of consolle and videogame. During the adolescence, like every aspiring hacker, i see my social life drastically dropping to 0 (and this will be the only hacker's trait that i will ever have), so i spend every day on my new PC trying to figure out how it works. After a period spent playing every thing that require the use of a joystick (also the Windows joistick configuration tool), i become curious to understand what is there behind that people beating each other inside the screen. I start to study che C language on some books without understanding nothing. In that time, near my house, open one of the few internet point in the city and, meanwhile my friends chats with the girls (or more probably with men that fakes being girls), i surf the web searching every kind of information and there i understand that, with that technology, it's possibile to travel the world free and at the speed of light. I decide that internet is cool so i take a provider number (it's called freepbx), i take an offer from the phone provider Telecom that allow me to navigate with decent prices and i dive in the net. In the meanwhile the school ends and my mother threat me to throw me out of house if i don't find a job, in that moment the only things that i can do decently is to stay behind a computer so i decide to work in IT. I subscribe a regional course of informatic that gives me a certificate of web developer (that actually is still in their archives). A teacher from Visual Basic course tells me to send a resume for the company he works for, me and another guy send the resume and after few days i am there for an interview; the interview goes well and, at the end of 2001, i start working for that company. There i meet that strange best called PHP and i start to work with a CMS written in that language. Everything goes fine until, at the end of 2002, i receive a call of duty for the military service. On jenuary 2003 i leave for the military service in the navy. The pointless category lottery makes sure that i end up in the armed department, so i must leave and go in Brindisi (south Italy) for the training course as rifleman. After a month i am assigned to the Navy Headquarter in Rome and there i spent 8 months. After this little military brake i come back in the company where i worked before. After some events, at the end of 2004, i quit the job and, through an application that i done at the early age of 18, i made two periods of three months at the Italian Postal Service as mailman. After a period of total leisure, a neighbor tells me to send a resume to a company where a friend of him works. I want to quit working in IT but i have few money and i want to buy a motorcycle so i accept and send the resume. During the interview it comes out that my experiences are not required for that job but there is another departmente there that could need me. So i start to work for that company that sends me in another company as consultant that send me in another company as consultant (no, i didn't pasted twice the text, i passed through three companies). So i ends up working in a government department with a CMS developed by IBM. After few times, my manager offer me to pass in another company where he is moving too, i see that the salary is a little bit higher so i decide to accept. Time pass and after few months i receive an offer from the company where i am consultant, the people is good so i decide to accept and now i am here.